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After mostly sitting for 2.5 years...

...I got my wife’s Mazda6 mobile again.

She parked it back when I bought her the 2016 CX-5 she dailies. It’s been driven here and there since being parked to keep things mobing. However the battery kept losing its charge, and it became too tiresome to keep jumping it. I told myself I’d get to it “this weekend”, but “this weekend” became “next weekend”, over and over, for weeks on end. Over this last year it’s really started to show its weathering, and I’m tired of seeing it decay and lose more value.


Just like a house, gutters and crevices get fine grit in them. Fine grit retains water. Water and metal - even painted metal - do not get along well. As such, the top edge of the windshield has popped most of the paint away. Small paint chips from road peppering also have a bit of popped paint.

The interior is faded from tan to parchment (no tint). Amazingly the headliner hasn’t fallen away any more from the headliner since I used flat-head pushpins to hold the sagging sections in place a few years ago.


The calipers move, but there’s so much exposure damage that they either need lubrication, and/or the rotors and pads need to be removed and resurfaced, or replaced.

The engine and transmissions still go great.

The turning is surprisingly light and effortless. My 2 daily-driven 6s have had V6s, so there’s a massive difference in handling, to no surprise.


I did find some years-old vacuum-style travel mugs in the cupholders, both with what I guess was once coffee. Ick.

Why has it sat so long? Well, simple. It’s not titled to me. My wife doesn’t know where the title went, and doesn’t care to find it. I’ve even filled out the forms to get a replacement title but she hasn’t signed them and/or the ones she does sign go missing. She blames the supposed poltergeist that lives in our house and makes stuff disappear (which is almost believable: stuff seems to go missing a LOT, and it’s just us and 2 dogs).


Anyway, today was a nice day so I spent some time on it. Plus there’s a coworker who’s interested in buying it, despite the condition, which is a plus.

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