What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Update: Initial research shows it’s likely not worth it to repair. If that’s the case would any of you wacko’s like a 2006 S40 T5 with a blown HG for... idk $500? 

So I was driving for Uber today when the S40 started overheating. I was close to the person’s destination so I just figured I’d pull off the interstate and limp it there and check it out there. Soon after pulling off, I noticed that the temp would rapidly change. With in a minute after stopping at a light the temp would go from pegged, to normal, and then when accelerating it went from normal to halfway to pegged literally within 10 seconds. The the low oil light would intermittently come on.


So I get there and shut the car off and pop the hood. First I check the oil level and it’s fine. There’s coolant in the overflow tank and it looks perfectly green through the hazy plastic, so I thankfully, probably not a HG (the oil looked fine too).

At this point I’m leaning towards it just being an electrical problem, given the rapid temp changes and the low oil light, when the oil level was fine. Plus I checked for coolant leaks and found none. So I let the car sit for about 30 minutes and head off again.


Similar result. rapid temp changes however less consistent with the speed of the car (sometimes it would go up when stopped, sometimes it would go down), as well as the oil warning light periodically turning on. Again, leading me to believe it was just an electrical problem, however I then began to noticed the temp would go to normal if I went about 30 mph, not slower or faster. Which then made me realize there probably really is a cooling issue going on.

A little while later and the temp pegs on the hot side and stays there. As I’m pulling off the interstate (traffic was bad, hence the 30 mph speeds). I start to notice a slight burning smell, that I’m pretty sure wasn’t coolant. As I’m turning of the frontage road to pull into a parking lot the engine starts pinging, it sounded like a chain link fence rattling whenever I gave it more than 20% throttle (which thankfully I had to do hardly anymore of.)


So I pull into the parking lot and call a tow truck, I do the check I did the last time and don’t find anything different (Although this time I didn’t check the oil).

After waiting about 20 minutes for the tow truck driver I try to start it, just to see what it’ll do (the previous time, it started without issue.) and it would crank over and try to run, but it sounded awful. So I just shut it off and left it alone till the tow truck driver came.


Anyways. It’s at a shop right now. My logic is that if it’s something simple like a thermostat or radiator fan, than it shouldn’t be too much to have the shop do it and I don’t have to mess with ordering parts and waiting for them etc, and I can get the car back sooner. And if it is something serious like a water pump or HG. Then it’s likely I’d have a shop confirm that, since I don’t have the tools to do that here at my apartment. Idk what I’ll do if it’s something serious, but hopefully it’s just a wacky thermostat or fan and I can pay the shop to do it and have the car back soon.

For those who want to know, the car’s a ‘06 S40 T5.

Also fun fact: Uber uses kilometers with their navigation system.

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