Illustration for article titled After throwing a bunch of money at this car...

I am already giddy over more opportunities to do the spendings of additional monies.

Stuff done so far:

- 90,000 mile service

- timing belt and water pump

- full detail

- repainted rear bumper

This has cost bigly big monies — uh, by my standards. However, I’m not deterred, but encouraged to keep on improving this thing.


- Injen air filter recommended by EL_ULY

- dash cover (because fixing it is like... eh!)

- Lexus badge on rear

- tinted windows (no apologies)

- other things I’ve already forgotten

I feel like I can just enjoy the ride of ownership, because this car needs *nothing.* And it’s a great feeling, and certainly a new one to me. I fully admit that getting compliments on it, and having people enthusiastically jump inside, has been a perk. Knocked my brother’s socks off too, as he revealed he looked for one for three years and couldn’t find any (he lives is Utah). He said he’d never seen one in person before mine.

I almost love it as much as my longbed... okay that’s a lie, maybe 60% as much.

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