After years of being by our side, it finally went away

What my aunt’s horse-steroid taking husband did to it.

One day in 2007, when I was 3 years old, my dad went somewhere in our dinky old Nissan Altima. When he came back, he did it in a gold blobby type Ford looking thing. That gold blobby thing was a 2004 top of the line Lincoln Aviator, fully loaded. When I saw it had a DVD player in the back, I went ballistic. I guess it was so endearing to be able to watch looney tunes on the road. What’s better, it was more reliable than our Altima, which had so many AC problems that we thought it came with only a heater installed.

Late 2015: Flash forward 9 years, Grumpy cat memes were no longer funny, and regular service kept the Shiny ford as reliable as ever. But my parents had fixed their eyes on upgrading to a Mercedes ML350 and looked for a suitable buyer for the better-explorer. That buyer came in the form of my godmother/aunt. She didn’t have all the money so we financed it to her.


2017: My aunt stops paying for the Lincoln, and goes dark on us, moving like 3 times and us never knowing where.

2018: After some run ins with the law for driving with an expired license, the Lincoln gets impounded in Allentown, PA of all places. We recovered is the aviator after a year of absence, and sold it to a buyer the other day who we know will do it right, as my aunt didn’t, because he showed up to our house with all the parts needed to restore it to it’s previous glory. Godspeed Aviator, I hope I see you again. Or at least your descendant, which my dad is looking at...

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