Cincinnati Airport Hertz Gold had a decent collection in addition to the usual Altimas and Optimas. Couple of new Camrys Malibus Sonatas and Fusion and this one. No second thoughts.


It just has such a street presence. The strong lines just exudes attitude. I get this car is why so “Gangsta”. I have driven rental chargers before but this feels so much better.


This thing was loaded given it was a rental. navigation, heated seats ,parking sensors panoramic sunroof ,blind spot monitoring, beats audio.

The interior is super comfortable. fantastic supportive seats that feel like a good ol fashioned leather office chair. Steeering wheel looks great and paddles were good quality but the material I wish was softer. I hate the tacky blue guages but love the center digital display and Chrysler uconnect is seriously super easy to use and one of my favorite infotainment systems. There are some hard plastics masquerading as soft plastics and piano black and some cheap trim pieces but they are not glaring.

Shifter is a PRNDS dial it was fine until you try parallel parking and have to pay attention to where you stop the dial. I can get used to it but they could have done a better system. All other controls are pretty straight forward and ergonomical.


Lots of space for 4 adults and all their luggage. humongous trunk.


The drive is smooth, subdued and comfortable. his thing is the perfect highway cruiser. It is built to roadtrip. That hood just streches for miles! and the car is wide so have to get used to it. Visbility otherwise is very good depsite a thicc C pillar Ride is muted and firm but crashes over bumps because of those YUGE wheels. road rumbling noise is there but I think smaller wheels can help. wind noise is there and comparable to other base entries in this segment. Steering is just okay, little numb. Handling is good but you feel the weight. Took some really sharp off ramps at much higher speeds than recommended and it took them with no drama.

The engine and the transmission are the weak points. Lazy and you need to prod them to wake ‘em up, even in sport mode. This is destined to have a V8 and nothing else. 300hp is not enough and doesn’t suit the exterior of this car.


Overall this is a fine car to rent if not to own long term. Good job Chrysler!

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