Aftermarket Block- Adds Power or Nah ?!

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Alright folks . An argument in our shop the other day leads to this post. Trying to see what ya’lls thoughts are on this concept..


Concept: A aftermarket block made of higher grade metal will flex less and in turn create more power to the wheels.

Person 1 Logic: Less cylinder wall flex creates a more powerful combustion which turns into more measurable hp at the wheels.


Person 2 Logic: a 4.030 bore is a 4.030 bore no matter if it’s an aluminum stock block a cast Iron stock block or aftermarket Billet - Makes no measurable power at the wheels.

Person 3 Logic: Has to be better because it’s expensive. (person 1&2 SMDH)

Let us know your thoughts and we’ll check back at lunch time.

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