So I’m not a wiring guru. I don’t fully understand it. But I try.

Recently I bought a Mallory 29440 ignition at a swap meet. Far as I’ve read, it’s 55,000 volts and 0.6 Ohms.

What a goofy big box these are!
I’ve currently got a Flamethrower coil (40k volts) in the 1973 Toyota Celica with unknown ohms. (bought it with the electronic points for a 20r off of ebay a few years ago)

I’ve got a Pertronix set of electric points (for a 20R) that says they shouldn’t be used with a resistance under 1.5 ohms.

I’ve got a Standard Motor Products RU13 Resistor because the stock ballast resistor broke. unofficially, it supposedly has a resistance of 1.6 ohms, because I couldn’t find a resistance number for it officially.

I realize ballast resistors should be wired in between the coil and the distributor points.

Will this work with the Mallory coil without destroying things? I have no idea. Can someone who knows more shed some light?
Thanks in advance!