My first question to a disgruntled car buyer almost always is: “Did you get a warranty with it?” Some did, some didn’t (and some don’t know!) But when you shop for your next used car, here is what you need to know about those warranties you could buy.

We all know that the Lemon Laws - for the most part - only cover new cars. So buyers of used cars have to look elsewhere for help. Heaven help you if you bought a used car “as-is,” which I have spoken about countless times. Of course, if you did that knowingly, it could work out for you.

But it seems to me that many people would be better served if they understood that there are sometimes warranties they could acquire or buy when they get themselves their used car. And those are in descending order: the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty, a manufacturer’s extended service contract or warranty, a third-party warranty and so on.

Each has its nuances, and by nuances I mean pitfalls. Still, almost anything is better than buying as-is. So, here is the audio:


And the video.

And the top pic is of a 1971 Hemi GTX at the Wellborn Musclecar Museum. The coolest factory hoodscoop ever. And that sentence is NOT subject to debate.


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