Right, then...

So, I’ve learned that Outbacks lend themselves to mods, somewhat. I’m not looking to get into lift kits, brush bars and lights so much, but I am looking at new wheels. But I’m wrestling with left brain logic and right brain emotion.

Mind you, I don’t need new wheels. I do need new tires eventually, as the stock ones aren’t all that great and are approaching end of life. I can get better tires for the 18’s, but a lot of folks switch to a 17 (apparently a better ride and more air down capability). I’m looking at Method 501’s, but...it would be largely a cosmetic change...and I feel silly buying $800 worth of wheels largely just for looks (there’ll be some soft reading, but >99% of the time, it’s pavement).

Is this just something that’s done for no good reason? Because I have none...I just want to..