Aftermarket Wheels

Right, then...

Shortly after I got the Outback, I realized that it lends itself well to mods and upgrades, the most obvious being new wheels.


There are brands that we all trust, like Enkei, BBS, and Method...then there are “lesser” brands like Motegi and RTX. Reading reviews doesn’t shed much light because somemsay they’re great, some say they suck and some use their cost as an indicator of quality.

What are your experiences with aftermarket wheels from unknown manufacturers? Did you regret getting them? Or did they turn out to be good bargains? While I’m not against getting something that’s rally-quality, I’m not sure that’s something I really need, as my driving isn’t rally-quality.



Christ - Looking through posts, I just realized that I posted something similar about 2 weeks ago. A mind is a terrible thing to lose...

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