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SM Record of Sylvia and Jerry Hathaway

In 1987, a Citroen SM, with the V6 Maserati engine, specially prepared by Jerry Hathaway, and driven by his wife Sylvia, drove over the salt lake at Bonneville and dry lake at El Mirage (US) reaching a top speed of 202.301 mph (323,682 kph).

The car was equipped with twin Air Research T 104 turbochargers and Holley Type 850 carburettors. The clutch was similar to that used on the Maserati Bora. The hydropneumatic suspension system operated on a lower pressure than standard, with the front and rear suspension adopting separate systems, with the high pressure pump and supply being repositioned at the rear of the car behind the driver.

A braking parachute was attached to the rear bumper; with this parachute it was possible to slow the SM down from 320 kph to 60 kph in under 50 metres.

SM Pick-up

Jerry Hathaway of SM World in California also converted an SM into a Pick-up in 1986. Although the car maintained its original design, it was 30 cm longer than the standard SM.


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