Fig. 1 - White car is henceforth known as “Goose”. I am the blue car.

Like most people, I strive to drive safely with concern for my fellow motorists. Yesterday, I encountered a situation on the road that has left me wondering if I was in the wrong.

I approached a 3 way intersection and stopped to turn right (See Fig.1). “Goose” was approaching me in the left lane, but there were no cars in the right lane. Feeling that it was safe, I slowly edge out, hug the curb and make my turn. As “Goose” passes, he honks at me. Nothing aggressive, just a couple light taps on the horn.


At first I was indignant at this action. I felt I had done nothing wrong, that the lanes are plenty wide and I came nowhere close to “Goose’s” car, and that if “Goose” was this afraid of other cars, then perhaps he should hand in his drivers license. But, I then realized I don’t know everything, and that maybe, I made a traffic violation that I was not aware of and “Goose” was simply reminding me of it. So I took to google, but I didn’t find anything that pertained to my specific situation.

I present my case before the collective wisdom of OPPO. Did I:

A) Violate a law.

B) Violate no laws, but commit a “dick move” offense.

C) Violate no laws, and “Goose” is a simply a nervous or entitled driver.

D) Laws are an artificial construct that we have been socially conditioned to follow in order to keep us complacent and rob us of our freedoms so that we are more useful to serve the interests of “The Man”™. Therefore the problem “Goose” and I faced is artificial and meaningless, and the only solution for “Goose” and I is to reject society in its current form and live in nature.

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