Yesterday we looked at the very first LBGP from 1975, then this morning we threw in some F1 history of West Coast racing from 1982. Now have a look at another historical race at the venue.

The very last LBGP was run as a Champ Car event (also being the last ever race for CC - except that apparently some people fail to realise the demise of the series) that was held the same day IRL had their final race ever - Danica Patrick scoring a historical win in Japan - to be followed by the first unified American open-wheel racing event after 12 years of separation.

A century of American tradition was cut off at that moment in some respects, although it didn't go out with such a bang as the temporary loss of the Indy 500. In one way or another, it was a fitting farewell of the old levaing the building and the new one stepping in.

What recollections do you have of this event and the vibe concerning the reunification?