Dug into the Golf and did theinlet O2 this afternoon. It was stuck in worse than anything I’ve ever tried to turn, and thanks to a sway bar and the car only being on ramps, I couldn’t use a breaker bar. I ran to Lowes and bought a 7/8 wrench (how is that the only size we don’t have between three normal toolboxes and one plumbing toolbox?). Finally wrestled it off, got covered in grease running the new cable, amd buttoned it up. Hooked up my VAG-COM to clear the code, and....

Fuck. It was P0131 before, now it’s P0134. The exhaust smells just as rich, if not more rich than before, and the idle feels more rough. Hopefully it’s my imagination. Cleared the code, ran to the gas station- Jolene, as I have named the Golf (Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene! I’m begging of you please don’t take my money) ran beautifully the whole way. If it weren’t for the E-check, I wouldn’t bother with the sensor.


Gas station no longer sells my favorite beer (Dundee Honey Brown) so I got two of these.

They didn’t evem have the ale. How was your day, Oppo?

Edit: silver lining! Just found out I made the Dean’s list for my school’s college of engineering! So that’s cool I guess?