Again; calling Oppo electramagicians (Edit: I screwed up the order of the pictures)

I have new information this time. So I went by a dealer and got a print out of the horn system. I split it up into multiple pictures, but the layout is from the horn relay to the horn switch. Than from the horn relay (other side) to the actual horns


Important. Where I cut and wired in the switch earlier is between J6 and whatever is to the right or down (depending if Kinja rotates it or not.) Note this is before the fuse box, which I believe is my issue.

Other side of relay


They let me talk to a service guy and he said I should put the switch on the wire going between the horn switch and the clock spring. Although this would work, I think mounting it would be weird, since I’d have to mount the switch to the steering wheel itself.


I’m thinking the wire get’s it’s power from the fuse box. So if I wire the switch in after the fuse box it’ll work. (wire the switch between C14 and A11 in the first photo.)

That doesn’t really make sense, because I can sound the horn by grounding the horn switch, but idk.


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