Seeing if there are any interesting classic/project trades out there for HHR. I already have a truck and a chevelle, and have replaced this van as my work car. It’s in good shape, used for work, not going to the delivery van museum. Willing to consider anything on wheels as a trade, but seriously if it’s not all one colour and has ripped seats it’s worth less than a 10 year old cheap car. That’s just the way it is. If you’re not an Idiot, flipper or skeez, let me know what you’ve got. Car is advertized for $4000, I’d like around 3500, so that’s the ballpark we’re working in. also iut’s about the market value of the car. NOT A SUPER SPORT!!!! cannot stress this enough. Has had back seat conversion so seats 5 with the seats up. The other ad for hhr panel has photos. I just sold a mach 1 mustang for $5500 dollars, so try not to be delusional. No lowballers, this car was touched by our lord Jebediah chevrolet, Previously owned By all 4 Beatles, (only driven to church) and is a local Regina car. I 100% guarantee all your weird, windowless van dreams will come true (wierdo). Looking for a driver, nothing precious. got no problem with 4 doors. Wagon even better. I cannot get pics to load, please see other ad. thanx.

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