UPDATE: I decided to pull the dryer apart. Again. But this time, I had my boys help me, so at least it was a bit of a teaching moment. Turns out one of the temp sensors was indeed bad. I’m going to replace them both. Thing is, one of them (not sure which) failed almost exactly one year ago (357 days, to be precise). The first sensor lasted 12 years. The second one lasted 1 year. Is this going to turn into an annual project?? There is also a temp sensor on the exhaust vent. I wonder if I should go ahead and replace it too, since I’m in there. “Since we have to pull the water pump to get to the timing belt.....”

Not a whole lot in there....

My electric dryer is not heating. Again. In its history, I have replaced the heating element, and a year or so ago I replaced the temp sensors. That’s really all there is to these things. I have tested the element for continuity, and the element is good. So, it’s likely one of the temp sensors or the overheat sensor. Last time I had it apart, I replaced them all with new ones, OEM as far as I know. But to test them, I’ve got to pull the drum, and that’s a PITA.


So here’s the deal. The dryer is almost 14 years old, and I’m bloody sick of taking it apart, though at least I know what I’m doing. I’m considering just getting new W/D set, since these are both the same age. What do you think, Oppo? Should I spend another day or two futzing around with the dryer, or is it time to put this thing out to pasture? I’m pretty sure I can fix it, but is it reaching EOL?

It’s a Kenmore, btw.