I have an opportunity to pick up a full set of OEM Sportcross wheels — in gunmetal (available ‘03-’05 only, my current ones are the ubiquitous satin finish). Problem? The set would be nearly 700 dollars. But these are tough as hell to find because, remember: the Sportcross has 17x7.5 in the rears, differentiating it from the sedan which has 17x7 all the way around. These don’t come up for sale often, as these wheels were only used for this niche model.

I like the staggered look and handling, so I don’t want to change to a sedan set, even if I could get a better deal (which is tough anyway, it seems). I like the stock look, so I don’t want aftermarket wheels. And while changing to 18x8 & 18x8.5 using current-gen IS350/250 wheels is popular, it undermines the entire subtly of the vehicle, especially when you have a bright pearl one like I do:

Sorry photobucket, I have a snipping tool. Also, this guy sold his SC back in 2014 so I don’t feel evil. Yes, that roof rack is boss.

What I really wanted was ‘07 “two-tone”/gunmetal wheels off of the SC430. But these are crazy expensive, uncommon, and are not available in 18x8 so I can’t have the staggered rears.

So how dumb am I for buying a second set of used wheels just because I... want... them? Let me know.

Thanks again for your time.

p a s e o

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