So I leave for Italy for nearly 2 weeks next Tuesday. I have had this trip planned for almost a year.

One of the many things that I planned for was to have my at the time roommate (a person whom I've known since I was 10...) watch my dog while I was gone.

My roommate moved out about 2 weeks ago (by his own accord becasue he was unwilling to clean up after himself), but, while moving out told me "I'll still watch Bonnie for you while you're in Italy, not a problem".

Now, 5 days before I leave I get a text "I can only watch the dog till the 9th".

When I asked why the response I got was essentially I forgot and told someone else I would watch their dog.


Well what the fuck. You told me almost a year ago you could do it, and you said it would be no problem 2 weeks ago, but somehow you now magically forgot. and no longer have the time to let my dog out and feed her the last 5 days of my trip?

I already thought this kid was pretty much a piece of shit but now its a done deal. Now I have to scramble to find someone else who can help me out.



Here's some Martini Porsche Legos.