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Aggro Tuesday Edit: Erm...Thursday?

I usually have 1 really bad day a week, typically it’s a Monday or a Tuesday, in fact, it’s almost always a Monday or a Tuesday. This week, it’s today. First up, Phil!

Edit: Oh my gosh, it’s not even Tuesday! *sigh*

Time to schedule Phil’s first warranty visit


Well, I never wanted to say it in my original road trip posts, but I’m going to come out with it now. Once again, I bought a smart that someone didn’t do a good PDI on. Effectively, my cat came off the truck and right onto the lot without a further thought.

The passenger door latch is too far outboard, causing awful whistling to come through the window on windy days (remember, non-framed windows), there are weird imprints in the clearcoat either from delivery or someone applying wax to the cat and sticking their fingers into the wax, and after driving the cat on just one Chicago style windy day, the alignment is already off.

Oh, and my fuel tank capacity is supposed to be 8.7 gallons, and I’ve never been able to put more than 6 gallons in it...at least that was a problem I knew about when I bought the cat, and a replacement is available. :)

Come on guys, you can do better than this.

Tucker doesn’t like the cold


I am keeping Tucker (at least through the Winter) for my Winter cat and to take it ice racing with other Chicago Oppos. I don’t think Tucker likes that idea.

This morning (18 degrees F) saw the right front wheel making a loud whirring noise (similar in sound and volume to a jet engine spooling up) while accelerating from 40 mph to 55 mph. It didn’t return after that for the whole trip. I suppose that was my first warning shot to replace that wheel bearing or something.


Nexus 6P doesn’t like SIM cards

Well, Verizon finally fixed my texting issue, but that hasn’t stopped the phone from feeling salty about it. When I left the house this morning, the phone decided to think the SIM card doesn’t exist. A quick Google search reveals that some of the units have a defective SIM card slot, and the SIM won’t always make contact with the board. *sigh*


I didn’t feel like doing an RMA just yet on the factory warranty, so I just increased the SIM card size by 50% with some cut up sticky notes then shoved it back into the phone. Fixed! lol

Dump truck was totally not excellent


So, the genius drivers here in Illinois suck at simply existing. The above photo shows a truck/trailer combo that’s at least 60 feet long trying to turn at an intersection in which such a vehicle is not allowed to turn.

Anyway, this morning saw me going to work, and getting stuck in a random traffic jam in the middle of nowhere. The culprit? The right lane ending in a half mile, but everyone getting scared and bombing into the left lane as soon as they saw the sign...and at the front? A silly dump truck going 25 mph under the speed limit (45 mph) in the left lane.


So, once I realized that the right lane was entirely empty, I downshifted and rocketed past the massive line of cats...but oh ho ho, the dump truck wasn’t having that, he jerked his wheel and swerved into the right lane to prevent me from passing him, forcing me to pound my brakes and nearly get rear ended by other cats that decided to follow my lead.

What things happen in your week that makes you want to scream in anger?

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