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Aging parents

Way off topic here:

I’ve been on vacation with my Mom, who is in her early 60s so really isn’t considered “aging” yet. But she’s done some mind-numbing stuff on this trip and I’m wondering how you guys have made a judgement call on whether parents are having early dementia or are just dumber than you remembered.


Some examples, among other things:

- spent several seconds stabbing the number in an elevator before someone else reached over and pushed the actual button


- came out of the bathroom ranting that the water wasn’t hot before eventually taking a freezing shower (I didn’t get up to help, because what adult can’t figure this out through trial and error?). I turned the knob the opposite direction when I showered and had a hot shower.

-when I told her to mute her phone (since the volume is set on nuclear) her solution is just to tell whoever she’s texting to stop. She has no idea how to mute it or adjust the volume

So obviously she isn’t doing anything totally ridiculous, but the whole trip has been full of little stuff like this and I’ll admit I’ve lost my patience a few times. I don’t live in the same state so it’s hard to keep an eye on her and she’s always been a little technologically deficient, but these are all things that should be pretty easy to figure out (particularly for someone who called me a fucking idiot for most of my childhood). Any thoughts from the crowd?

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