AGM batteries and Sulfation (UPDATE: Sweet resolution)

Hello Oppo, I have a battery related pondering for you this afternoon.

I have an optima yellowtop in the rover (well, not IN the rover currently) that I purchased in February 2016. Since then, the car has been driven sparingly and the last year it has been sitting in a garage. I did not have a charger or maintainer on the battery at all and it went completely flat.


Since I have gotten the car out of the garage and running again, the battery has not wanted to wake up from it’s hibernation. It wouldn’t hold a charge overnight, and would only crank the engine 3-4 times before giving up (after a full charge).

I took it to O-O-O-O’Reilly and they tested it and told me it was good. I tired to explain the symptoms to them but after explaining all the tests I had done and the fact that the car had sat all winter, the guy says “hmm, did you leave your headlights on maybe?” Not sure if it was actual incompetence or they didn’t want to take the battery on a warranty claim (36 months from Optima).

Seeing as this was a very expensive battery, I’ve been trying to revive it myself. I’ve got a Powerpulse desulfation device hooked up to it and am putting it on a trickle charge overnight and letting it sit during the day on the desulfinator. It’s currently holding 12.00 volts for at least 12 hours, but I haven’t yet seen any improvement in capacity in about 5 days of doing this. Any Oppos have any experience with AGM batteries? Is there something I’m missing?

A pic of a SVR Range Rover I saw at whole foods as well as a sandwich I made on Saturday from stuff I bought at the whole foods for your time.


UPDATE: On the advice of some oppos, I went to a different O’Reilly after having the battery on a charger overnight. The tester at the OOOO’Reilly still had to put a charge on the battery for an hour before testing it and it came back as a bad battery. They honored my warranty, but needed to order the battery from another store. I came back the next day, and after a small mix up was sent to the first OOOO (the one that told me my battery was good originally) where I was given a brand new yellowtop with a June 2018 manufacturer’s date.

I’m so glad this battery saga is over and I can start enjoying the rover again. I have a few more odds and ends to button up in the interior then I can actually start using it. Thanks for following along at home, and thank you to the oppos who suggested that I demand satisfaction. 


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