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This Canadian wanted to be Italian

Via the Washington Post:

Fletcher looked back at the billowing smoke and flames and noticed something odd: Only the passenger-side door was open, but the driver’s-side window was down.

Fletcher blindly plunged his hand into the open window that was pumping out a black cloud. He patted around and felt an arm. An unconscious man was in the driver’s seat, leaning over the center console.

“I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him 15 to 20 feet,” Fletcher said. “He regained consciousness and stared at me with the same thousand-yard look” as the man who had run off.

Prince George’s Battalion Chief Donald Fletcher Jr. (Prince George’s Fire Department)

The man jumped up, shoved Fletcher and crawled back into the flaming car. This time, he locked the door.

It turns out, the man in the car was having a psychological emergency and was under the influence of drugs, Anne Arundel County police spokesman Marc Limansky said. The fire appears to have been accidental, but the car burst into flames because of “excessive wheel spinning,” Limansky said.


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