What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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Federal election is coming up and I finally have a list of people to vote for in my riding. While it’s important to think about the big issues, it’s also important to remember that there’s an individual representing your community’s best interests. So, my local candidates are:

  • Incumbent politician (former sign maker), who has the sweet title of “Deputy Shadow Minister” in Parliament, which makes her sound like a Yugi-Oh villain. High on the list based on that alone.
  • Goat farmer/small town museum curator. Unsure of where she falls, but hey, at least it would be interesting to see. Unsure if she’ll bring the goats to Ottawa.
  • A guy who is part of the Ukranian Council of Canada. Not enough info on him.
  • A small town councillor/former electrical engineer who worked in the potash mines. Sounds qualified, don’t like his party.
  • An economics student tired of working minimum wage jobs. 100% legit, I dig it.

Whelp, one of these people is going to represent me in the federal government. I know the incumbent will likely win and is most likely the most competent. But just a reminder, that it’s not lawyers, people who went to law school, and brilliant experts that represent us, but sometimes, it’s just the dude who lives down the street. Which, you know what, explains a lot.


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