This is about my old boss, the one who keeps trying to buy my pickup.

He’s been looking to shop for a small cheap pickup for years, and only recently allocated some funds to get down and dirty. Well, he found a 4x4 Mighty Max with a stick, factory decals and all. It looked like it was in amazing shape, with high miles.

We talked for a while about it before when went to look at it. He called me after he met the seller. Seller was some older guy, who claims to have owned it since 1988. They more or less agreed on a price tentatively.

However he mentioned that during the conversation that the seller brought up that he had leukemia. Now, true or not, the sad fact that sob stories from buyers and sellers are largely fraudulent on the lower end of the craigslist scale. Seen too much of it. I told my boss to watch out for the guy trying to tug his heartstrings. Call me jaded if you want, but skepticism pays when dealing with strangers.


Lo and behold, after calling the seller back to set up time of payment, he slips in that he can’t find the title! Hmm. But don’t worry he says he’s going to the DMV first thing tomorrow morning... To order a title that won’t arrive for another six weeks in the state of Washington, perhaps. Ok, shit happens. Maybe he did lose it? Seems like the first thing you’d dig up when selling your own car, but hey.

And it continues. The seller also was unable to produce any service records, even an oil change, at all. Let alone anything back from 1988 when he says he bought it.


So now we have a guy with a pickup at a tempting price, no title, no proof of ownership, no records. My boss was so disappointed.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board for him.