Ah The Weekend

Time to do more work than I do all week at work.........

Not really, was pretty lazy this weekend. I managed to remove the LEDs from the front of the car and install my Catz lights in their place, quite happy with the result:


I did that after I started into fixing an exhaust leak that cropped up over winter. It was finally getting bad enough to affect my mileage and get some exhaust fume in the car (thankfully it’s been windows down season!), so it was time to fix it. It was the gasket where the front manifold drops into the crossover pipe, right up front, easy fix.


Or so I thought. The bolts had essentially welded themselves to the nuts thanks to all the hot/cold cycles, so just unbolting was not an option. This led to needing to cut the bolts out. The top bolt was easy, other than blowing up my cutoff wheel when it let go. This of course left me without a cut off wheel to get the bottom bolt done, so I went for my trusty Sawzall. Of course the bolt had been hardened, again from all the hot/cold cycles, so the Sawzall was useless. So I hung it up for the night.

We went to the farmer’s market Saturday morning, got a few things, best of all was the little Indonesian food truck that I grabbed “brunch” from. Then we did our weekend shopping, for which I had prepared the van. I removed the middle bench and moved the rear bench forward so we could all still fit, but had a huge cargo area. When we got home we had 3 window fans, a 42" tower fan, a 26" bicycle (not broken down), numerous other things from Menards (cutoff wheels being among them), our jogging stroller, plus groceries for the week all in the back of the van. Unloaded the van, then went back to finish up the car.


With the new cutoff wheel on the grinder, I set off in a game of “I Win”. I cut off the other bolt, removed the remnants of old gasket, installed a new MLS gasket (which you can’t buy anymore, thankfully I had one laying around), then installed new bolts:

Nice little sludge spray on the head thanks to the exhaust leak/running rich

With that all fixed, we went over to our friend’s shed to grill out and chill around a fire.

Yesterday was spent cleaning house, going to a Graduation party (where a Badminton tournament became a thing), then coming home and chilling.

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