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Where social distancing and facemasks are a librul commie plot. And where reasonable behavior when pushing a cart (nor lane discipline) is not understood.


Then again, maybe I’m the asshole. I’m walking down a main walkway, keeping to the right. Some guy pulls out of a side aisle and nearly hits me, then starts complaining to his girlfriend/wife that I didn’t say “excuse me” as I went by. Excuse me? Maybe I’m wrong, but I treat the aisles and walkways in stores like they are roads, and if you’re pulling out from a side road (or aisle) it’s your responsibility to make sure that you aren’t about to run into anyone. In my special little world there is no zipper merge when you’re moving from an aisle to to a main walkway - you wait your turn and then you pull out. And if you nearly hit someone, you apologize, not the guy you almost ran into. It’s not so tough, is it?


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