To all three of you who were waiting to see what the wheels and tires would look like, here it is. I think the color looks fucking awful. I’m a can of red and grey paint away from making this thing look like it should be on the set of Jurassic Park. It honestly looks like a truck. I need silver paint. Thought grey would look cool, but no, nooooppppeee. Like communism, it seemed like a better idea on paper. Also need to get better wheel spacers. I bought the cheap ones that (now I know) are literally impossible to align properly on the wheel. So, I’ll return them and spend twice as much on some quality billet ones that are only for 4x100, not all the 4xs. Silly me. Time to get out the sand paper and buy some more paint.

The good news is that the tires are soooooo much better. Grip city. Seriously. I took some corners I drive regularly and went a little harder. I think it’s time for that stiff rear sway bar. Tried to spin the tires, which was easy with the old 175s. NOPE :.( Those days are long gone . . . unless . . . MOAR POWAHHH. I even stomped on the brakes to see if they would lock up. NOPE. Stock 1970s breaks with some modern rubber isn’t a bad formula. Though I will be upgrading those before adding more power.

Note: the rear wheels don’t have spacers on because it would be impossible to align them to the drums. Used some masking tape on the fronts, mounted the wheels, then peeled it off. That is not how those should work.

Whoops, crappy photo