Ahh, de-contenting.

I’ve had the truck nearly five years now and just noticed these vacant indicators next to the right turn signal. They’re ordinarily black but the sun shone on them directly, illuminating their forever-unfulfilled purpose.

Gave the truck a much-needed bath, nothing crazy; just a once-over with a rag and some dish soap water and a thorough rinse. Damn thing is so big, just that once-over took half an hour. Have to climb on to the hood to get the front of the roof, middle of the windshield and center of the hood. God I love having a truck that I can climb onto and walk on.


And while I was washing said windshield, I noticed my old wipers were done. So, $40 later and I have some sweet new silicone wipers. The old ones were on the truck for at least five years, I inspected them back when I got the truck and they were pretty fresh then. If I can get five years out of these I’ll be very pleased.

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