A few minutes ago, I was walking from the bus stop to my University. It's a very fancy neighborhood, I see some very special cars on a daily basis. I even change my way, instead of taking the shortest way I make sure to jump off one stop earlier so I can walk past a racing shop, where they usually have drag racers, nascar and other very awesome things, and then I walk by a detailing shop, where they always have some nice classics under restoration.

May just be some random car spotting and sometimes a 10 second chat with a mechanic or owner. But it brightens the darkest of days with some eye candy and eargasm.

Today I was crossing the street, I head a loud roar, clearly a Ferrari. It was a 458 Spider (spyder? I never know) and also a very nice CLS beside it. I quickly picked the phone from my pocket and snapped a picture, before it was too late. I almost missed! The light was green when I finally picked my phone. My knees were still shaking, but I got the picture for SR20 purposes. What a beautiful machine: