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ahhh man he big mad!

Back story: there was a guy hauling old cars and trailers that have been rotting in the neighbors driveway for years. He had his truck and trailer parked horribly on the gravel road (a very high traffic gravel road) that it forced to crawl around and try not to go into the steep ditch.

The guy happened to be walking around the trailer from the other side and was somehow surprised at someone trying to get around his trailer on a public road that he tripped and fell back. He proceeded to get up and threw a rock towards my dad! My dad put it in reverse and said “what is your f——— problem?!” And all the guy said was “LED’s!” pointing at his truck that had flashing LED’s. We still have no idea what he meant.


The following day he picked up a 5th wheel that has been sitting back there rotting for 20+ years. He drives an Chevy Avalanche and had no 5th wheel hitch so he somehow chained it down to the truck while the front of it seemed to be resting on the roof. Wtf, is it really worth the few bucks in scrap metal to damage your roof? But whatever. The guy proceeded to ignore the cones on my parents private driveway (we had just finished up a large festival and were trying to keep people from constantly driving in) and dragged the POS around the driveway to get turned around. My dad came up to the window and said “what the f—- are you doing now? This is my private property” to which the guy said “well I didn’t know, there were no signs that said private drive” Because everyone has signs that say “private drive” on their driveway?!

And then he proceeded to write this review of our business:

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a) he wasn’t doing any construction

b) my dad never uses bad language but when you decide to throw a rock at him in his new car because he went around your horribly parked trailer, than yeah, he’s going to throw a few f-bombs.


c) english, try it out.

He ended up taking his review down a few minutes after my dad commented.

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