Ain't nothin' but a fool to live like this

Roger looks completely bored, and makes no effort to convincingly lip synch at all. I love the beginning when he stops moving his lips and scratches his nose. One of my all time favorite songs.

He seems very uncomfortable with Dick Clark in the interview section. He was a little more serious at times.

I think everyone remembers “King of the Road” but I am not sure people remember how talented he was. I was introduced to him as a kid by what was my favorite Disney movie as a kid, so my dad pulled out his records to show me who was behind it.

They used to sell these Disney themed LP records, and I listened to the one from this movie endlessly. I still have it.


Ok, one more to send you out on a fun note. Keep going down the street in that big Cadillac, Oppo.  I’ll take some of that money in the sack, though.

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