Air, and its conditioning

My FTO has air con, which is good.

What isn’t so good are the noises the latter is producing. For the past few years there have been various noises from the compressor. Variously it produces whining and screeching sounds and is worse when cold and at low speeds. Same noises whether the air is on or off with an exception. When accelerating with a cold engine there is a screeching sound, as of a slipping belt, if the air is on. This noise stops if you turn the air off.

In addition to the above the clutch for the compressor only engages at just over 1,000 rpm. At tickover it clicks every few seconds without actually engaging. Having engaged incidentally the compressor works just fine and produces plenty of cold.


My options are to buy a new clutch and pulley which would cost me about €200 or take a chance with a scrap compressor and clutch unit for a little under half that.

So, what do do?

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