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Air con PSA

I dont know about the rest of you but the warmth is back in my neck of the woods, which means its that time of the yeat when the ac gets used in my cat. While the welcome blast of ice cold air is always nice the loss of performance and gass milage can be a real deal breaker. But what are you suppose to do sweat?

Absolutely not! You just have to know how to properly utilize your aircon in your automobile. So allow me to give a brief outline for you and hopeuflly you toi can enjoy a cool summer driving experience with out the down sides.

First, never run your ac with your car set to draw im out side air. This will cause your ac to work all that much harder. Which means more parasitic loss of power. Not to mention and help lead to premature ac death.


Instead make sure your car is set to recalculate the air in the cabin. This means the air your cooling has already been cooled. This will put less stress on the system. It also helps speed up the overall cooling process.

Now on the car gets nice and cold you can turn off hour ac but keep the recirculation fans running. The inside of your vents will stay cold from the ac for a while. So youll actually notice your car may continue to get cold for some time after you’ve turned off the ac. You’ll also notice how cool your car will stay. I can run the ac for 20 min in my car and have a cold car for a solid hour and a half before i need to repeat the cycle.

Now go try it, i think youll be suprised that you dont have to always run the ac and kill your power and mpg!

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