Got a clever little rack online which hangs air tools from the barb on the quick connect. Mounted it to a board, the decided that the board should also be a shelf (with a lip since the compressor is right next to it) to keep additional connectors and other odds and ends related to the air tools on.

Part of the reasoning for the shelf is that it’ll help keep some amount of dust and dirt out of the tools. If they seem to be getting dirty, I’ll have to get some sort of little caps to put on the ends when hanging there.

The only problem is that I’m one more air tool purchase away from needing another one (there’s room I could move it over and put another next to it on the same board).

I spent a good bit of time today working on my hardware storage I came up with, but part way though changed my mind on how I wanted to build it so I need to run out for some more materials before continuing. It should be done in the next few days, though.