I’ll apologize in advance here, as I know I’m far from the only one in this boat, but the response to the stupid Takata airbag recall is just absurd. I knew from almost the beginning that my car would be impacted by the recall (‘07 Toyota Matrix). That was LAST May. Just this week, I got a notice from Toyota that the parts were ready, and that I should contact my local dealer to have the work done. I called the local dealership (3 of them, in fact) about having the airbag replaced and was, in each case, told I would be put on the waiting list, and would be notified when it was my turn. The wait time? 6 to 9 months! This is going to be a damn near TWO YEAR process to have the freaking BOMB in my dashboard replaced. Add to that the fact that Toyota (and other manufacturers) recommend that no one ride in the passenger seat until the airbag has been replaced. I have a wife and two kids. It’s unavoidable that someone ride in the passenger seat. So, am I supposed to choose who to put in danger each day? Hmm, which one of my family members pissed me off the most this week? I understand that the recall is of unprecedented size and scope, and that it takes time to source parts and have labor performed, and it’s not the manufacturers fault the inflator was faulty in the first place, but it is still absolutely INFURIATING that Toyota, or anyone else for that matter would reasonably expect anyone to be OK with two years of essentially not being able to use my car as it was intended to be used. I don’t expect any ones sympathy, like I said, there are millions of people in the same boat, I just needed to rant.