Okay, I looked very carefully at a number of properties to find one to reserve for Thanksgiving week vacation, and now, 12 days before we were to arrive, the host cancelled the reservation! AirBnB is offering 10% extra booking credit to find something else, but it is a bit late at this point to get something attractive - anybody have this experience before?

This is my first time using AirBnB. My wife was really looking forward to staying at this location, and will be EXTREMELY disappointed, and I’m pretty disappointed, too.

Edit: Aaaand for the moment the place appears as available on Airbnb, although I imagine it may be a glitch as it is being brought off line. I did message the host to see if we could stay for even part of the time, and got a response: “Driving” - I’m holding out hope that it might have been a mistaken button push, but I doubt it.

And checking all of the other places we considered? All booked now.


I spoke with the host (after getting around Airbnb trying to block us exchanging phone numbers in their messaging app) and was told that the owner for who she was managing the property had a disagreement with her, so they parted ways and she had to cancel my reservation. (That’s the short, polite version.) She did give me the owner’s number, and we texted this morning, planning to speak later today to try to work out a new deal directly.


I’m a bit cautious, since each party is claiming that the other was the problem. And if I don’t book through Airbnb I may have even less protection. I’m leaning toward the host being okay, since she went to extra effort to communicate with me, so I’m nervous about how well things will go with the owner. But the property is available, and what we want, so I’m going to take the risk as long as the conversation goes okay.