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Finally got out to really shoot my new Eun Jin Sumatra 2500 (.22 cal) rifle this past weekend! Man this thing *IS* a hammer. It throws the pellets hard and straight. Very nice trigger, if not up to the same level as match rifle, and loud as hell for an airgun, but there are reasons for that.

On a cold breezy day, bench rested, (just hand/bench, I forgot my bags and rack) I was easily putting pellets in a 5" bull (and through the backstop!) at 100 yards. Some old dudes with a pile of really cool vintage guns showed up to burn some black powder on the range and one of them had a chrony, so I put a few through the uprights...


with about 2700psi in the tank (full operating pressure is 3000), at minimum power it was chucking out H&N Baracuda Match (5.51mm) Heavies (21.14 grains) at about 840FPS and on full power it chucked the suckers at 1108FPS. That cookin'! This gun is for sure as accurate as I am and a super hard hitter. Some woodchucks and squirrels will surely meet their maker at the hands of this sucker come summer.


(yes I know my scope is on sideways in the above pictures... I fixed that and have exchanged the Leapers 4x32 AO for a Hawke 2-7x32 HD AO IR.)

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