The latest trend in self service are these food “Bazaars.” Having never been to one, here’s how it went.

It was breakfast time, so I wandered around until I found something resembling breakfast food. Instead of interacting with customers, they now expect us to put our grubby hands on a tablet where everyone else’s grubby hands have been, providing everyone with an excellent way to spread disease.


The lady behind the counter kept mumbling to herself about the orders, so when she mumbled something about my order, I had no idea she was actually addressing me. After I didn’t move, she finally looked at me and loudly stated “pay at the self-pay area and come back so I can start your order!” Ah, thanks. So, I wandered around until I found a drink, then did my best to pay the bill. It didn’t like my card. Try again two or three times and success!

Then I wandered back to wait for my food. Overall, it was decent fare. The eggs came from real chickens, the pancake was fresh off the griddle, and the sausage had decent flavor. Not the best, but I’ve had much worse.


Now we’re about to board. Here’s hoping the flight home is as nice as the flight to Newark. 

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