So, I was very impressed with Akio Toyoda’s Lexus presentation at the NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show to all us humans). These stupid presentations are always so canned, and there was just something authentic about how he delivered the presentation.

I’ve read he is working on getting licensed as a test driver, and then I stumbled across this today.…

Being Automotive News, it’s naturally light on details. In short, Toyoda resigned his position as a vice chairman of the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee. Suffice to say, he was evasive about why he resigned and they didn’t dig.


My take from what little he did say was that he can’t devote enough attention to the Olympic position, and they really need someone who can be focused on it.

In a day when Carlos Ghosn and Sergio Marchionne can’t turn down a board appointment to save their lives, it’s refreshing to see someone humble enough to admit that he can’t (or more honestly, won’t) do it all.


And that’s how you maintain focus, kids. There will always be good things in your life that need to be trimmed so you can fit the even better things. You take the Carlos or Sergio way, and you’ll never learn how to make choices.

Think you can do it all? Ask yourself who’s gaining momentum right now? Who is righting their ship, and who continues to miss that turn at Albuquerque, or insist on marrying an unwilling partner instead of paying attention and fixing the actual problems?


And make no mistake - this is about humility, and Carlos and Sergio have none of it. Alan Mulally has it, Akio Toyoda has it, and it enabled Ford - and is enabling Toyoda - to look in the mirror and see - and FIX - their mistakes. Carlos’ and Sergio’s pride prevent them from seeing their shortcomings, and you can’t fix what you can’t see.

But then again, when you’re that proud of how smart you are you don’t even MAKE misteaks, now do you?


I gain a little more respect every time I read about this man in the news. We should all aspire to be Jalops like him.