AlCan Adventure: Fetch my brown pants

So I don’t get yelled at for having a clickbait title, lets get this out of the way: The cars are fine. But we were shitting bricks for a second here.

After we failed at finding a trailhead, we wandered back to where we parked the cars. While doing our routine dicking around, I spot something alarming in the road.

Two of these, plus what appears to be a cage or bearing race?


What the actual fuck!?

They were very fresh looking and in the road where at least two of us had been maneuvering to park.

No way they came from one of our cars.... right? RIGHT? I mean... we would have heard that!

We each checked out CVs and confirmed they looked... present... but didn’t really stop shitting ourselves until we finally took care of our “pre-flights checks” (see: dicking around) and took off.


All three cars pulled away just fine.

WTF happened? Are we looking at the aftermath of a CV finally giving up, or am I missing the mark here?

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