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AlCan Adventure - Post-trip progress report

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In the long long ago, back when we could leave the house, we took three cheap cars and drove from Seattle, Washington, to Anchorage, Alaska.


Which was neat.

But if you don’t blog and or YouTube it... did it really happen?

Yes, but I’m doing both of those things anyway.

Since we’re working on planning our 2021 adventure, I figured I should work on putting at bow on the last one.


I posted a preview of the new video format a while back....


Since then I’ve got about nine videos rough cut... which isn’t bad. But it isn’t good.

I’m on part four or five of the Oppo / O&E write up. Close, but far from done.

So many photos.

So much video.

I need to push through but there is so much hashtagcontent.


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