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And what a fucking nightmare it has been! Between insane shipping quotes, threats and spam from brokers, the first shipper ghosting, the second shipper blowing a tire that delayed him for almost a week, and then the terminal claiming they’d never heard from me.... it has been a hell of an adventure already!


So this morning I get a call from the friend who is essentially acting as the broker for this deal, saying that the cars are at the terminal but the terminal won’t receive them. I needed to call right away and talk to [Person A].

WTF?!” I think, “I’ve BEEN talking to [Person A]!!”

So I call and ask for [Person A]

“I’m sorry [Person A] is up front dealing with a shipper and can’t talk.” Says [Person B].

“I know, that is what I’m calling about!” I say in my friendliest, totally not shitting myself voice.

Long story short (too late) apparently despite emailing with [Person A] for two weeks, [Person A] thought I was talking about a hypothetical shipment rather than an actual one! I guess not knowing what one of the cars was meant I wasn’t ready to ship... or something.


That cleared up, they received the cars and we won’t have to pay storage!

I am excite!

Taylor and the Mystery Machine are chilling in Provo still as Taylor has to work a full day today before he pushes on to Boise.


So far all he has said is that driving the Mystery Machine is tiring and it doesn’t get very good gas mileage at high speed, but otherwise is doing well. I have my guesses, but I’ll save the speculation for another day.


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