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So... every two(ish) years since 2015 my friends and I do a Top Gear style “Cheap Car Challenge” and every time we do it I make a video of our shenanigans to share. To date, we’ve done three. San Diego to Seattle in 2015, overland from Sacramento to Salt Lake City in 2017, and Seattle to Anchorage in 2019.


The first road trip video was very sentimental, a bit boring, had some major audio issues, and absolutely doesn’t exist I swear don’t look for it. (I’m working on like... the fourth or fifth remaster at the moment and might actually have something to share soon.)

The second road trip video was a lot more dynamic, actually of a quality I actually sent out links, was also rather long, and overall was pretty OK.


For both of the first two videos we recorded “narrations” months after the fact to fill in the gaps where in the video we didn’t explicitly say what was going on. It was also very Top Gear, which we liked. While this worked OK, it allowed some revisionism and took some energy out of the video.

For the third trip we thought we’d try something a little different. Every night when we got back to the hotel we sat down and recorded our impression of the day. These are our narrations, confession booth style, for the video. Additionally, I’ve decided that each day is an episode, rather than splitting the episodes into 15 - 30 min chunks.


I think it works?

I’m excited to show you guys the finished product but, alas, there is much to do before they’re ready to release. At the moment I have about half of the episodes done in “rough cut” form. Which is to say they’re probably 60-90% ready but mostly lack polish and credits.


That said, I think I like the new format. The confession booth seems to add a new dimension and the more bite sided.

So..... here is a preview!

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