As you know, the Corvair was bought out of a field. It had been there a while and as field cars tend to do, it had accumulated a wide variety of creepy crawly things. I have always been semi squeamish with bugs but I have NEVER in my entire life had to deal with something like the horror-movie shit I found last night.

When we bought the car, there was the semi-concerning amount of dead wasps in it. A little odd and creepy but a shop vac cured that in a few minutes. I’ve been working on it now for a week and haven’t found anything worse than a few hairy spiders. But then I removed the rear wheel.

Not my pic but you get the idea

Little cylindrical nests of some sort made out of mud or something. And my whole passenger rear frame rail is covered with at least 12 of these things. So I do what I’ve been conditioned to do with bug nests: coat with WD40 and remove.

So I douse the whole works in WD40 and after nothing flies out at me, I assume I’m okay to get to work. I grab my loooongest flathead screwdriver (because bugs are icky) and get to work. I’m apprehensively tapping and chiselling away at this mess until I realize these things aren’t empty.

They are FILLED with dead, semi-dead, and decaying spiders, some with maggots and larvae growing out of their bodies in white puss-filled sacks. I drop my screw driver, suppress my urge to vomit and run out of the garage.


At this point poor Alex wanders over to see whats happening and sees about 4-6 spiders writhing on the ground with bodies the size of dimes. “Gimme a brick” he says with a 1,000 yard stare. With an audible gooey crunch, he crushes them as they keep falling out.

Alex has a stronger stomach than I do and he just keeps chiselling this mess off the Corvair and the horrors keep coming. Spiders, wasps, maggots, larvae, all dazed from the WD40 and squirming around. We filled a catch pan with them.


It turns out, we found a “Mud Dauber Wasp” nest. And the party trick of this lovely creature is that it stings massive spiders, paralyzes them, and then hauls the spider back to the nest where it lays eggs INSIDE THE GOD DAMN THING and then the young wasps eat the spider alive until they hatch properly. GAHHHHHHH

I still have flashbacks to that awful nests and I might never unsee it. But lucky for you, it’s all on video and you’ll see it likely on Episode 7.

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