Alex Buncombe shows why Nissan Academy drivers were banned from British GT

they really were too good…

It’s hard to imagine a racecar driver being too fast, but that’s exactly the problem graduates of Nissan and Sony’s GT Academy are having. Graduates of the program, which puts Gran Turismo players in actual racecars, were deemed too fast for the British GT Championship.
According to GT Planet, GT Academy graduates will not be allowed to compete in the 2013 British GT Championship. Why? Because their skills have leapfrogged the series’ class rules.
Last year, GT Academy alum Jann Mardenborough, teamed with professional racer Alex Buncombe, was, to say the least, competitive in British GT’s Pro Am class. Driving a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3, the duo nearly won the class outright.
That’s what rankled British GT officials. The Pro Am class is meant for “gentleman drivers” (in other words, amateurs) who aren’t supposed to be faster than the professional racers in the other classes.
Mardenborough isn’t a professional driver, but he was keeping up with the pros. His GT-R was saddled with a time penalty at every race to keep it from overtaking the supposedly faster cars.
That disparity between the GT Academy drivers’ pro-level skills and amateur status is what led the British GT Championship to deny four new applicants from the program entrance into the 2013 series.


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