It’s rollin rollin rollin rollin WHAT

I placed some shorter jackstands down by the pinchwelds, and after a scary moment of one of the stands getting caught and nearly tipping over (with me ‘carrying’ the car by the firewall’s fender mounting brackets) I moved it up and back and down low enough to slide the subframe into its home

Sadly, even though I have a full Energy Suspension urethane body and suspension mounting kit (in black, because stealth), these hunks of worn out shit went back in to hold the car together for the move


Once the rear of the subframe was propped into position by another jackstand, install began

Oh and I remembered to attach the steering column to the intermediate shaft... but just realized I still didn’t install a pinch bolt when I saw this picture.


Here’s a shot of the rarely seen passenger side of the car.. the GOOD side


And BAM, all bolted together, jackstands removed, rolling back and forth on sketchy old mismatched tires and wheels!

Not sure if I was going to make the same old post with pictures again, I also shot this video as an overview of pretty much the same thing I wrote here so.... ENJOY!

So yeah, I had a list. And I finally got to cross off more than one thing on the To Do Move list that I’ve had all winter:


Then I took it for a ‘spin’

It needs a door to rest my elbow on.

That’s next.