Jeez, I get busy at work for a couple of weeks and leave the country and you guys can’t be trusted not to screw things up without my soothing presence in your midst?

I am talking of course about the decisions not to offer a manual in the Alfa Romeo Giulia QF in the USA. So annoying.

In fact, I’m so annoyed I just sent this email to Alfa USA along with my real contact info so they know I’m not kidding when I said I would buy one as soon as they are here:

“Dear Alfa - I just learned this morning that the Giulia QF will not be offered in the USA with a manual.

I am an enthusiast that is lucky to make a very nice living, and have owned many European performance cars in my life. I was very excited about the Alfa Romeo Giulia QF and when it was announced made the effort to be the first person on my local list so I would receive one of the first QFs in California.

My only requirement - more than color or equipment - was that the car have a manual transmission.

With the new announcement I am obviously gravely disappointed and will have to reconsider my next purchase. I have owned cars with automatics and automated manuals (including a Maserati Gran Turismo S with the F1 transmission, of which few were made), but while the computer might be faster than I am, driving those vehicles is not nearly as satisfying as driving a car with a true 3-pedal manual.


I know the opinion of one person probably will not sway a corporate decision, but I hope this information is passed on to the right people who might reassess this awful decision. I urge you to reconsider.

Thanks, John”