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Despite sitting in the back of the garage receiving no love, I am gearing up to do work on the Alfa. Tl;dr: The Alfa is getting a new top!

I grabbed a spare top and frame a couple years back, so over the weekend I stripped that down to get it ready to be powder coated. Just dropped it off a few minutes ago. $300 to get it blasted and coated is... more than it would have cost to rattle can it, but I’ve always said this car “gets whatever it needs,” plus I am saving a lot by “letting” the Alfa club do it.


New top was ordered yesterday, a Robbins padded cloth top to the tune of $535 shipped. Ouch. Should look epic though. Although I considered tan, I was talked into black as it looks more... right. I was also talked out of pinpoint vinyl for the same reason. No ETA on the top at this time.

New seals, tensioning cables, and random odds and ends ended up costing around 86GBP, shipped, from my preferred supplier and should be here later this week. Funny enough, this order was almost exactly a year since my last one!

Illustration for article titled Alfa Happenings

So yeah. Alfa stuff! I’m excited to get it a new top.... heyo.

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