Alfa Romeo and Maserati cannot coexist.

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Watching a video about the Ghibli, I wondered to myself why FCA would offer a version of the Giulia to compete with it? Then I asked myself, why does either company exist under the same corporate umbrella?


It’s not like the premium car market is wide open with no competition. Hell, even the Koreans are getting in on the action with the Genesis series. I don’t see how FCA can justify supporting two premium Italian marques that both offer similar sized sedans and SUVs.

You could argue that the overlap is not complete. Alfa sells lower market models internationally and the 4C is unlike any recent Maserati. And the Gran Turismo is unlike any Alfa currently offered. But why sell lower market Alfas that take sales away from higher market Fiats, or sell higher market Alfas that take sales away from Maserati? Is there really that much room in the market to have this sort of overlap?


I’m not saying that FCA should kill Alfa. I love the idea of Alfa, a company that has a history of building bold cars that are as irrational as they are passionate. But I can’t help but feel that dedicating resources to both Alfa and Maserati dilutes their products. I feel like FCA could build better cars if they could concentrate on one premium marque instead of two.

Maybe you could make Maserati ultra premium to distance it from Alfa, but then it would be competing with Ferrari. Though Maserati has a greater focus on comfort and touring, Ferrari is increasingly branching out into comfort and touring with models like the California and the FF.


Ultimately, I suppose it is too difficult a decision to decide which company has to die. And maybe that is why both companies exist side by side. But if FCA doesn’t organize and streamline its somewhat scatterbrained lineup of products, shrinking profit margins could close the doors on both Alfa and Maserati.

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